Colorful Cinematic Presets

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The Colorful Cinematic Presets by Zach Doehler

The most versatile and affordable presets I have ever released to the public! These Colorful Cinematic Presets allow you to create photography that has a stylized and professional look. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, products, macro, automotive, commercial, you name it! These presets have you covered.

Join Over 150+ Photographers Using My Presets To Elevate Their Photography

What's Included:

  • 7 Highly Versatile Presets (Covers Landscapes, Portraits, Commercial, Automotive, Macro, Events, Cityscapes, Etc.!)
  • 1 In-Depth 35-Minute Tutorial Showing You How To Install & Fine-Tune Each Preset
  • Unlimited Support & Technical Assistance
  • Free Access To An Online Private Photography Community (Just Send Me A Message To Join!)

What Photographers Have Said About My Presets:

"The new Lightroom presets by Calibreus are absolutely amazing. They're easy to use and fully customizable, making it incredibly simple to transform any photo into a work of art while preserving your own style. I highly recommend these presets -- a must-have for any photographer looking to take their work to the next level. 5 stars all the way!" - James Truett

"Zach's presets have simplified my workflow a lot! Once you know how to select the correct preset for each image; it will save you a lot of time. I highly recommend Zach's products and look forward to seeing more in the future. He's an amazing artist and he has helped me a lot in my photography career." - Tim Sawatzki

"I wanted to say that I absolutely love your presets and tutorials. They made my editing process so much more interesting and the colors, more vibrant! I love the fact that your presets are so different from each other, they are truly great for landscape photography!" - Telia

"I absolutely love the Colorsets Collection! I learned so much from your tutorials especially about the light in an image and really wanting to grab the viewers attention to certain parts of an image using light to accomplish that! Honestly, all of my recent posts have been with the Colorsets." - Caitlyn

How to Get the Best Results:

Shoot in RAW and make sure to expose your images correctly, for example, avoiding clipping your highlights. If you're unsure on how to shoot in RAW and how to expose your images properly, there are lots of educational videos on YouTube that explain this in further detail.

Have an open mind. Worry less about what others will think about your edits and instead focus on what you want to create. The beautiful thing about editing and using complex presets like these, is that you will still make something unique and personalized for you every single time.

Use the preset that works best for each edit. The primary focus of these presets is to give you an epic foundation to work off of and to then create an edit truly specialized for each image through the training you will receive in the tutorial.

What You Need to Get Started:

You will need some version of Adobe Lightroom. I personally use the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan which includes the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop on desktop and mobile.

You will need either a desktop PC, an Apple computer, or a phone/laptop. And yes, these presets will work on mobile! But you will get the most out of them when using the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom.

Please Note:

I fully stand behind and believe in this product, and these are the presets that I use everyday when editing my landscape photography. I have done all of my professional work to-date using the exact same techniques employed in these presets. I know you will love them and will see huge developments in your photo editing skills, but please make sure it is right for you. As this product is digital and is delivered via internet download; it is non-returnable and refunds aren't offered.

If the product really hasn't helped you with your editing in any way, please contact me via email at and we can discuss alternatives. I would be happy to assist you.

I want this!

This pack includes 7 highly versatile presets, 1 in-depth tutorial, my full technical support and assistance, and an invite to a private online photography community.

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Colorful Cinematic Presets

4 ratings
I want this!